Collaborative Research Reef Agreement on Autonomous Monitoring Structures (ARMS) Project

This collaborative research agreement with the Smithsonian Institution is intended for scientific research in biodiversity.This is part of a larger research previously initiated by Smithsonian Institution and the US National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration for biodiversity assessment of crypto-biota using ARMS as a standardized biodiversity monitoring tool.

Focal Office:
Biodiversity Management Bureau (BMB)
United States of America
Date of Validity:
2015 - 2017
Partner Government Agency:
The Smithsonian Institution- National Museum of Natural History
Scope of Cooperation:
This project will undertake the following: (i) Recovery of ARMS and Calcium Accretion Units (CAUs) deployed in Verde Island Passage (VIP) in 2012 and Re-deployment of ARMS in three locations (VIP) for long-term monitoring, (ii) Capacity building of Filipino scientists and government, and (iii) Processing and analysis of collected samples, including report writing.


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