ASEAN-Republic of Korea Cooperation on Forestry (AFoCo)

The ASEAN-Rok Forest Cooperation (AFoCo) is a regional cooperation mechanism in the forestry sector between ASEAN Member States and the Republic of Korea (ROK). It was initiated as the first step taken following ROK's proposal for the establishment of an Asian Forest Cooperation agreement, which would include other Asian countries. It was formalized by the "Agreement between the Governments of the Member States of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations and the Republic of Korea on Forest Cooperation" that entered into force on 5 August 2012 in which only six ASEAN member countries plus ROK were eligible to participate as full members. AFoCo aims to promote rehabilitation of degraded lands, promote sustainable forest management, and combat desertification. The AFoCo Agreement initially had a two-year term until 4 August 2014.

In March 2013, all ASEAN member states were able to join fully in the implementation of activities. On 5 August 2014, the Instrument of Extension of the AFoCo Agreement entered into force. The AFoCo Agreement was extended for two years until 4 August 2016 to support the implementation of on-going regional projects.

The Governing Council, represented by a senior official on forestry from each party, is the decision-making coordinating, and implemetating body of AFoCo. The Secretariat, based in Seoul, South Korea, assists the Governing Council in the implementation, coordination, monitoring and reporting of activities under AFoCo.
Focal Office:
Forest Management Bureau (FMB)
August 5, 2012 (entry in force)
Focal Persons:
High Level
       Undersecretary for Staff Bureaus
       Department of Environment and Natural Resources
       Tel. Nos. - (632) 926 1004 / 928 4969 / 929 6626 Local 2021

Technical Representative
       DENR - Forest Management Bureau
       Tel. Nos. - (632) 928 9313 / 927 4788

Alternate Focal
       Assistant Director
       DENR - Forest management Bureau
       Tel. Nos. - (632) 927 2491/928 2778

Technical Focal
       Chief, Forest Resources Management Division
       DENR - Forest Management Bureau
       Tel. No. - (632) 927 8127

Vice Focal
       Chief, Forest Policy, Planning, and Knowledge Managment Division
       DENR - Forest Management Division
       Tel. No. - (632) 927 6217
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Three major agenda were discussed during the meeting:

• Country Statement on the overview and evaluation of the implementation of AFoCo Agreement
   - As the AFoCo Agreement will be terminated on 04 August 2016, each AMS delivered their country statements and appreciation on the ASEAN-ROK Forest Cooperation relative to the 4-year implementation of Agreement. The Philippines acknowledges that our membership to the AFoCo has further strengthen our ties with Republic of Korea and AMS. 

• Delivery of ASEAN-ROK Forest Cooperation 2012-2016
  - A Special Report on the Four-year Partnership of ASEAN-ROK Forest Cooperation was presented. The report covered the achievements, experiences and lessons learned. The challenges and recommendations in implementing relevant future activities were identified.

• Transitional Agreement for the Interim Secretariat on the Termination of the AFoCo Agreement
   - The Transitional Agreement for the Interim Secretariat on the Termination of the AFoCo Agreement in accordance with the decision of 8th Session of the Governing was approved by the meeting. This is to ensure transfer of work and accountability as well as to continue the implementation of all activities including projects after the termination of the Agreement. 
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