ASEAN Senior Officials Meeting on Minerals (ASOMM)

Engr. Esteban C. Martin, OIC-Chief of Mining Technology Division, MGB  listening to the Chair of the 2nd ASOMM JWG on the Development of AMCAP 2015-2025 (Photo credit: MGB)

Under the Vientiane Action Programme, the ASEAN Senior Officials Meeting on Minerals (ASOMM-1) was first held in 1996 following the adoption of the Program of ASEAN Cooperation in Minerals in 1995. By virtue of the 2005 Ministerial Understanding on ASEAN Cooperation in Minerals, ASOMM became the operating arm of the ASEAN Ministerial Meeting on Minerals (AMMin) in coordinating and implementing programmes, projects and activities as well as the policy directions set by the AMMin. ASOMM precedes AMMin and is held annually.

In 2011, the following ASEAN Working Groups on Minerals were established:
   1. Working Group on Strengthening of Capacity in the Mineral Domain
   2. Working Group on Mineral Database and Information
   3. Working Group on Sustainable Development of Minerals
   4. Working Group on Mineral Commerce and Investment

An offshoot ASEAN Senior Officials Meeting was created in 2008 to include People's Republic of China, Japan, and Republic of Korea in the sub-regional meetings.
Focal Office:
Mines and Geosciences Bureau
Established 1996
Focal Persons:
      DENR Mines and Geosciences Bureau
      Tel. Nos. - (632) 928-8642 / 920-9120
As part of the ASOMM and its related working groups, the Philippines is required to provide updates in the ASEAN mining database.


During the 15th ASOMM, Officials reviewed and adopted the ASEAN Minerals Cooperation Action Plan Phase 3 (20162025) and Phase 1 (2016–2020). The Action plan was already forwarded to AMMin for adoption.
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