ASEAN Working Group on Water Resources Management (AWGWRM)

15th AWGWRM, 6 August 2015, Bali, Indonesia (Photo credit: NWRB)

The ASEAN Working Group on Water Resources Management (AWGWRM) was established to enhance regional cooperation on freshwater management. It aims to promote networking and engage in collaborative action towards the practical implementation of integrated water resources management. It also aims to promote and facilitate the exchange of relevant information, expertise, technology and know-how among water resource agencies of member countries. Lastly, it provides or makes arrangement for relevant trainings, education and awareness-raising campaigns.
Focal Office:
National Water Resources Board (NWRB)
July 2002
Focal Persons:
Executive Director
National Water Resources Board
Tel. No. - (632) 928 2365

Alternate Focal Point
       Deputy Executive Director
       National Water Resources Board
       Tel. No. - (632) 920 2693 (TF)

Chief, Policy and Program Division
National Water Resources Board
Tel. No. - (632) 928 4702
The ASEAN Strategic Plan of Action on Water Resources Management (ASPA-WRM) contains actions on four key issues, namely:
(i) Supply; demand and allocation;
(ii) Water quality and sanitation;
(iii) Climate change and extreme events; and
(iv) Governance and capacity building.
In the ASEAN Long term Strategic Plan of Action for Water Resources Management challenges and actions (2005) the first challenge, ASEAN Member States committed to reduce by 50% inadequate access to safe drinking water by 2015, and reduce by 50% inadequate access to sanitation by 2015.
Other endeavors of the ASEAN Strategic Plan of Action on Water Resources Management are to:
(i) Manage water resources efficiently and effectively in order to provide adequate and affordable water services by 2015;
(ii) Promote the implementation of integrated river basin management by 2015;
(iii) Promote public awareness and partnership to enhance integrated water resources management;
(iv) Promote regional cooperation on water conservation measures and programmes as well as scientific and technological innovations in water quality improvement and supply.
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During the 13th ASEAN Ministerial Meeting on the Environment on 28 October 2015 in Hanoi, Vietnam, the Ministers endorsed the ASEAN Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) Performance Monitoring Indicators Framework, to serve as a simple performance monitoring tool for ASEAN to use in assessing progress in the achievement of IWRM across the region. The 2013 IWRM Reports for the Philippines (based on 2009 report framework for the six issues) have been uploaded online.

In the 15th Meeting, it was agreed that AWGWRM National Focal Points will provide semi-annual updates to the ASEAN Data Management and Reporting Design system website.
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