ASEAN Working Group on Multilateral Environmental Agreements (AWGMEA)

19th Meeting of the AWGMEA, 24 June 2015 in Siem Reap, Cambodia (Photo source)

The ASEAN Working Group on Multilateral Environmental Agreements (AWGMEA) is concerned with regional cooperation among ASEAN Member States in promoting capacity building, sharing experiences and best practices, and acting collectively to implement the MEAs to synergize their efforts to contribute effectively in addressing global environmental issues. In 2006, two technical clusters were formed: the Atmosphere Technical Cluster and the Chemical Technical Cluster.
Focal Office:
Environmental Management Bureau (EMB)
First meeting 17-18 May 1999
Focal Persons:
Technical Representative 
       Chief, Environmental Quality Division
       DENR - Environmental Management Bureau
       Tel. Nos. - (632) 928 8863
The working group has committed to:
a) Enhance regional coordination and exchange of information, experience and expertise in hazardous waste management;
b) Optimize the use of the Basel Convention Regional Centre for Training and Technology Transfer for Southeast Asia (BCRC-SEA) and the role of its Steering Committee in providing regional services of technology transfer and capacity building of hazardous waste management; and
c) Establish effective and fully functioning regional mechanisms to address transboundary hazardous wastes, including illegal traffic of hazardous wastes, in line with the Basel Convention Procedures and Modalities.
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The 25th Meeting of ASOEN proposed revising the working group's name to "ASEAN Working Group on Chemicals and Waste Management (AWGCW)."
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