Convention on Wetlands (Ramsar Convention)

Agusan Marsh is included in the list of Wetlands of International Importance and has seven major wetland habitat types. (Photo Credit: Gerardo Lita)

The Convention on Wetlands of International Importance (Ramsar Convention) is an intergovernmental treaty that provides the framework for national action and international cooperation for the conservation and wise use of wetlands and their resources. It was developed and adopted by participating nations in Ramsar, Iran on 2 February 1971 and came into force on 21 December 1975.

Focal Office:
Biodiversity Management Bureau (BMB)
Date Ratified:
November 8, 1994
Focal Persons:
High Level
       Undersecretary for Field Operations - Luzon
       Department of Environment and Natural Resources
       Tel. No. - (632) 926 2567
       Email -

Designated Ramsar Administrative Authority
       DENR - Biodiversity Management Bureau
       Tel. No. - (632) 924 6031 local 203 / 204
       Fax - (632) 920 4417
       Email -

       Chief, Wildlife Resources Division
       DENR - Biodiversity Management Bureau
       Tel. No. - (632) 924 6031 local 222
       Fax - (632) 925 8952
       Email - /

Designated National Focal Point for Ramsar Convention Matters
       Chief, Coastal and Marine Division
       DENR - Biodiversity Management Bureau
       Tel. No. - (632) 924 6031 local 207
       Fax - (632) 925 8948
       Email -

Designated Government National Focal Point for Communication, Education, Participation and Awareness (CEPA)
       Chief, Special Ecosystems Standard Section
       Caves, Wetlands and Other Ecosystem Division
       DENR - Biodiversity Management Bureau
       Tel. No. - (632) 924 6031 local 228
       Fax - (632) 925 8950
       Email -
Under the Ramsar Convention, parties commit to work towards the wise use of all wetlands under their jurisdiction; designate suitable wetlands for the list of Wetlands of International Importance, called the "Ramsar List", and ensure their effective management; and cooperate with other countries related to transboundary wetlands, shared wetland systems and shared species.

As a member to the Ramsar Convention, the Philippines commits to report on the Compliance with the Convention, submitting triennial National Reports which follow the Strategic Plan of the Convention. 

The Convention's strategic plan also includes a Communication, Education, Participation and Awareness (CEPA) Plan to disseminate information to the public following the theme "People taking action for the wise use of wetlands".
Policy Issuances:
Republic Act 9147 Wildlife Resources Conservation and Protection Act of 2001
Republic Act 7586 National Integrated Protected Areas System Act of 1992 (NIPAS Act)
Sources / Relevant Links:
Philippines' Webpage on Ramsar


The Biodiversity Management Bureau (BMB) has published a National Wetland Action Plan for 2011-2016 which provides updates for all Ramsar Sites as well as CEPA related activities, to be overseen by an Interim National Wetland Conservation Committee. The national report may be access here, through the Ramsar convention database.

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