Asia-Pacific Network for Sustainable Forest Management and Rehabilitation (APFNet)

1st Meeting of the APFNet Council in Myanmar, 29 April 2015

The Asia-Pacific Network for Sustainable Forest Management and Rehabilitation (APFNet) was proposed by China and co-sponsored by Australia and the United States at the 15th APEC Economic Leaders Meeting in Sydney, Australia in September 2007. APEC leaders adopted the proposal and included it in the Sydney Declaration on Climate Change, Energy Security and Clean Development to promote and improve sustainable forest management and rehabilitation in the region through capacity-building, information sharing, regional policy dialogues, and pilot projects. In September 2008, APFNet was formally launched with its Secretariat located in Beijing.

Since its launch, APFNet has made strides in over six years, from an initiative to an action-oriented organization dedicated to promoting sustainable forest management in the Asia-Pacific region. More than 20 demonstration projects have been launched, 50 APFNet scholarship students got the opportunity to pursue Master's degrees in forestry, over 200 forestry officials received on-the-job training through APFNet's thematic workshops, and the regional commitment to forestry has also been strengthen through high level policy dialogues supported by APFNet. The APFNet working mehcanism is via focal points and an Interim Steering Committee during its transitional period.

Under the auspices of the Interim Steering Committee and after the Focal Points meeting in May 2014 in Chiang Mai, Thailand, the Plan of Establishing the Council of APFNet was finalized in August 2014. The First Meeting of the APFNet Council in Myanmar last April 27-29, 2015 marked the milestone of APFNet institutional development.

APFNet meets annually.
Focal Office:
Forest Management Bureau (FMB)
Date Launched:
September 9, 2007 - Date adopted
Focal Persons:
High Level
       Undersecretary for Staff Bureaus
       Department of Environment and Natural Resources
       Tel. No. - (632) 926 1004 / 928 4969

       DENR - Forest Management Bureau
       Tel. Nos. - (632) 928 9313 / 927 4788

       Assistant Director
       DENR - Forest Management Bureau
       Telefax No. - (632) 927 2784 / 928 2778
       Email -

       Chief, Forest Resources Conservation Division (FRCD)
       DENR - Forest Management Bureau
       Telefax No. - (632) 928 2891 / 927 2491
The Council shall carry forward the roles and responsibilities of the two organs as an advisory body for APFNet and a forum of exchange for Members, who can discuss emerging forestry related issues in the region and advise APFNet to implement programs better reflecting the forestry development needs of the region.
Sources / Relevant Links:
APFNet Website


Significant highlights of the 2nd Meeting of APFNet Council:
1. The proposed APFNet annual work plan and budget for 2016 was presented and discussed. Comments was provided for the consideration of APFNet Board of Directors. The following points were highlighted:
          - Renewal of the Memorandum of Understanding with ITTO;
          - Establishment of a new Project Appraisal Panel (2016-2018) to give expert advice to the APFNet Secretariat on the technical merits and feasibility of concept notes and proposals;
          - Improvements in Scholarship Program with additional 20 students for Master's Degree;
         - Introduce improvements in Asia-Pacific Forestry Education Coordination Mechanism (APFECM) such as certifying online courses and facilitating mutual recognition of courses in regional institutions; and
          - Organization of training workshops in China and Sri Lanka.
2. The Council supported the feasibility of establishing the Asia-Pacific Forestry Strategic Planning Network.
3. Presentation of APFNet Strategic Plan (2016-2020) align with forest-related Sustainable Development Goals.
4. Endorsement of the list of nominees for the APFNet Project Appraisal Panel (2016-2018) to the Board of Directors.
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